Real Estate property investment is a highly lucrative area in the entire economy of the State of California. It is therefore vital that we take a cursory look at this industry and per adventure; we will be to know what makes it tick. Again, if you are desirous of being an active player in the business, there are many aspects to the face of the coin. In other words, I am of the opinion that we consider some specific areas of the business and ascertain how you can market your product and earn a sustainable income.

For me to say a sustainable income, I come to this conclusion due to the large volume of activities in the sector, coupled with so many players such as sellers, builders, brokers and estate agents. This article will appeal to you depending on the sector of the industry in which you operate. Let us now see the method that is being employed by both successful brokers and agents are using at achieving their enviable performance. See more on


It is important to admit that the work of either a broker or an agent is quite tasking, and more importantly very quiet. I say it is quiet in the sense that you do not have to make so much noise before you can complete a sale of a house, or secure a rent of an apartment on behalf your client. The first you need to take is having a marketing strategy, and this may be any of the following;

Several outreach efforts which not leave out the possibility of scheduling, marketing and or open houses. Having done this, there will be a need for you to follow up with the visitors that have indicated interest in the open houses.

Of course and again, you may have to conversation with those that responded to your advert which you have placed in However, before you can have respondent on your ads on the internet, you must ensure that you have made a placement therein using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).


For you to stand out, it is strongly recommended that you strive to add value to products that you are selling to the public. The product here now is the house you are selling or letting out to intending tenants. The followings steps must not be ignored if you are to make a considerable success of your trade. Make sure that you clean, clear the house of any of your personal effect and organize your house. It should be noted that every individual. This is to make the bigger and cleaner, have it mind that buyers or intending tenants will have the mindset of coming in with their own personal effects. 

Keep the Lawn of the house green and in a lush manner, such that it will be attractive to buyers or intending tenants. Do not forget that, beautiful environment goes a long way at attracting people. Energy saving measure is advised to be in place. This may as well attract your clients. If he is the knowledge that where he is moving into has taken the step at him conserving energy and reduce its cost, that will be a pull to make him take the step of buying or renting.

Kitchen equipment must be updated.

I say this because of the next point of inspection in the house by your client is the kitchen. Comfort is relative to every individual and as such, some may not compromise anything less than what they are accustomed to. To this end, ensure that it is the latest equipment that is installed. Bathroom equipment must be recent, and latest in technology. It must be the one that will give maximum comfort and enjoyable experience when having a bath.  That little change you have made may go a very long way at you concluding the sale or the rent. Please do not ignore.

Security of the environment is another factor that you must not ignore. If you can take the extra effort at building a fence around the house will go a very long way. Some people love privacy, and a fence around the building is a form of creating privacy for the occupants of a house. Light up the exterior of the environment. This is yet another very important factor that can induce the sale of a house. I say this because visibility of the exterior will be easier at night even from inside the house. Occupants will be at comfort when they clearly see those that are outside of the compound.


Setting a price for a product is an important factor, and to this end, you must ensure that it is competitive. If your price is such that will drive clients away, you stand the risk of your house being snubbed. It is must be within the ruling rate in the industry so that you can earn the patronage of people. Let the price offered to be participatory by both you and your client as this will make them happy and ready to deal.


You must be ready to show your client the way around the home. It is a time to exhibit your professionalism and you must take every opportunity that comes it. Do ensure that the house cleaned ahead of his coming, do not cluster the pathway, and if the weather permits, open the windows. The above are very germane at winning the heart and confidence of clients, and if followed, then making constant sales will be guaranteed.